Joanne Foster came into wig making after 12 years of hairdressing. After spending 2 weeks on a short course at Brushstrokes in Shepperton, (Linda was the tutor), she decided that she wanted to learn more. Joanne, who never CUTS corners, then managed to combine training in her spare time at London wigs and has achieved the highest standard possible. Her other achievements are getting married, having two children and making many of the most beautiful wigs that have appeared on stage and screen in the last decade.


Linda Cooley got HOOKED on wig making whilst on a wardrobe course at Wimbledon School of Art. She then landed a job at the Royal Opera House, in the Wig Dept. A very capable needle woman, she has been involved with costume and dressmaking since her childhood in Denmark where her father was the head costume cutter at the Danish Royal Ballet and her mother a court dressmaker. She has had a close relationship with Wimbledon College teaching and still helps out on productions. In fact it was whilst teaching that she met Joanne.

Shepperton Wigs is a Wig making Company started in April 2002 by three girls Linda Cooley, Joanne Foster and Gill Little who had a passion for making and changing people’s lives. Whether seeing people in character or people gaining a better quality of life. We had been working together for many years at one of the foremost companies making wigs in London. Working on Stage and Film productions such as PHANTOM, GREASE, BOND MOVIES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and GOSFORD PARK to name just a few shows/films where you are able to see the wigs and pieces crafted by us. We have accumulated over 90 years of working experience within the Wig making business. Ouch!



Reasons for purchasing ‘Makes’ from Shepperton Wigs:-
:- Available for on-site fittings
:- Our own fitting rooms
:- Lots of Industry experience
:- Best quality products
:- Understand deadlines
:- Friendly faces

Facial Makes

We do not just make wigs:-
:- Beards
:- Moustaches
:- Sideburns
:- Mutton chops

And don't just stop at facial hair, we have made:-
:- Hairy hands
:- Hairy chests
:- Special Effects models




Hires are available from our stock of wigs, pieces, moustaches, beards and equipment. Every wig is different. Prices are dependent on style, manufacture and dressing. Please call for advice with your requirements.

Alterations & Refurbishments

Do you already have wigs but they need alterations or refurbishments?
We can:-
:- Put on a new front to fit another actor
:- Change the hairline
:- Extend the nape
:- Mend rips
:- Add hair to a wig that has gone thin
:- Repair
:- Wash and cut
:- Fresh colour
:- Refresh



Our consultations can give you:-
:- Advice on the way forward
:- Privacy within our fitting room
:- Stock wigs to find a style and colour
:- Wigs altered if required on the premises
:- Wigs styled if required on the premises
:- Full guidance on fitting and wearing wigs
:- Full guidance on washing and caring for your wig
:- A friendly ear
:- Anonymity
If you want to come and see us, please call for an appointment.


We have a range of wigs, turbans, hats and products associated with the care of wigs.

All prices are dependent on length, manufacture, style and colour of hair.

Where you are suffering from a chronic or life threatening condition under the care of a hospital, it is possible that you will be exempt from VAT. You can sign a form to this effect and buy a wig at ex VAT prices. The exemption does not extend to turbans or products.


"The wigs are made to a very high quality and the service is professional and pleasant."